Knitting with Beads Workshop with Jen Krueger

April 22, 2017

The Knitting Room
9:30 - 11:30 AM
$30 + materials
The Knitting Room (28 N Main St)

Come and learn how to knit with beads to discover a simple way to embellish your knitting! We will be using the Silvia Harding pattern, Aquitaine - a pair of stylish gauntlets (fingerless gloves).rnrnSome beads are pre-strung and some are placed with the add-as-you-go crochet hook method for a variety of effects. You're encouraged to make your own bead modifications to create a completely unique work of art - don't forget to check out Beadalotta for a great bead selection!rnrnJoin us for this exciting workshop with Jen Krueger on one of two dates: rnThursday, April 13 from 10am-12pmrnOR Saturday, April 22 from 9:30am-11:30am .rnrnCost: $30 + materials. Please call (920) 906-4800 to register for this workshop.rnrnMaterials for this class include:rn-Aquitaine patternrn-US 1 double point needles (or 2 circ or 1 long circ)rn-1 skein of sock yarn (approximately 300 yards)rn-.6 mm crochet hook or steel 10 or 12 crochet hook - hook must be able to fit in beads chosen.rn-Bead requirements: for small (medium,large):rn-6/0 bead option 1: color A, 42 (48,54) beads; color B, 112 (128,144) beads; color C, 28 beads; color D, 28 beads.rn-6/0 bead option 2: Use only colors A & Brn-6/0 bead option 3: Use one bead color for all types of beads - 210 (232,254) beads.rnrn**Homework: With US 1 and sock yarn cast on 12 stitches ( you may use scrap sock yarn for the sample). Work K1,P1 ribbing for 2-3 inches. Do not cast off your stitches - leave the work on the needles and bring to class.

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