Learn to Use AtoZ Free Marketing Database

October 16, 2017

FDL Public Library
Noon - 1PM
FDL Public Library (32 Sheboygan)

FDL Public Library account holders have free access to the business-marketing tool, AtoZdatabases. Representatives from the online resource will explain and demonstrate its features at this 45-minute free class. The session will focus on using the databases to market a business or organization, including how to build business-to-business and business-to-consumer mailing lists, how to research businesses and how to use AtoZ’s free email marketing platform for small businesses. The speakers will demonstrate how to access AtoZ remotely from work or home.

AtoZdatabases, powered by DatabaseUSA.com, is a provider of job searches, reference and marketing databases for public libraries, academic institutions and government agencies across the United States. Fond du Lac Public Library account holders can access AtoZ through fdlpl.org, click Resources.

For more information, call the library's Reference Desk at (920) 322-3930.